Plan Management Financial Intermediary

Plan Management – Financial Intermediary: under NDIS there are three main ways that you can choose to manage your NDIS funds. You can choose one of the below methods or you can choose a combination of them.

  1. Manage your own funds (self-management)
  2. Get a professional to do it (plan-management)
  3. Let the NDIA do it (agency-management)

If your NDIS Plan includes a support area named “Improved Life Choices” that means you have been funded by the NDIA to access Plan Management/Financial Intermediary services.

Choosing a Financial Intermediary is a great way to have the benefits of self-management with someone to assist you with the financial side of things.

Aspire is a Registered Plan Management – Financial Intermediary provider

As your Financial Intermediary provider, we will undertake the management of funds for the supports you require in your support plan.

You can request to have Aspire manage some or all of the funding for supports in your plan. This is done at your planning meeting before you select us.

As your Financial Intermediary, we manage the funds and the risk for you to ensure you stay within budget.

As your plan manager, we can accept all the NDIS related bills on your behalf if you request this in your service agreement or once you have received your bill from your provider.

You then email us the invoice within 24 hours so your provider can be paid in a timely manner.

If you request it in your service agreement with us, we will check with you that your supports have been provided before paying your bill.

Put simply, as your Financial Intermediary, Aspire can help you with:

  • Making payments to service providers
  • Processing payments for services
  • Developing monthly statements
  • Claiming for payments from the NDIA

Download our Financial Intermediary brochure here.

For further information please contact your Aspire Customer Service team.

Email: Phone 0260584000