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The Ripple

(formerly known as Customer Update).


The Ripple

As part of our commitment to support you in living the life you choose, as from August 2017, we have updated the way in which we communicate.

The Ripple is your newsletter. It will replace the quarterly customer newsletter and aims to provide you with relevant and timely information to:

  • help you better understand the changes that are happening with the introduction of the NDIS
  • provide information to help you through those changes
  • keep you updated with the different ways that Aspire can help you

We hope you find The Ripple of value and would appreciate any feedback on this format of keeping you updated.

December 2017 – The Ripple

November 2017 – The Ripple

October 2017 – The Ripple

September 2017 – The Ripple

August 2017 – The Ripple

May 2017 – Customer Update 

February 2017 – Customer Update


Event newsletter

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For more detail regarding Aspire activities and events, please go to our Calendar

December 2017 – Event Newsletter

November 2017 – Event Newsletter

October 2017 – Event Newsletter

September 2017 – Event Newsletter

August 2017 – Event Newsletter

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May 2017 – Newsletter 

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March 2017 – Event Newsletter 

February 2017 – Event Newslette

December 2016 – Newsletter 

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