The Aspire Difference


At Aspire Support Services, our success is measured by our people.

Aspire is committed to creating a mutually beneficial working environment in which staff are skilled, motivated, valued and supported.  Our recruitment and selection is based on the principle of the best person for the job.

It is only through our well trained, passionate and dedicated staff that we are able to provide professional, quality support to our communities.

When you join Aspire you become a vital part of the team. Our organisation  seeks opportunities for growth, development and learning  and as a result, our staff are professional, dedicated, highly skilled and innovative in their approach.

As  Aspire is continuously growing and developing, we encourage our staff to do the same. We can assist staff with a defined career path if they seek advancement, and we support everyone to gain the necessary skills and knowledge required to be successful in their careers.

We actively seek employees who have a passion for working alongside people and we aim to  provide the right workplace environment and opportunities for our staff to be competent and confident in their work.

Aspire also offers the following benefits to their staff:

Learning and Development

We are committed to providing an environment for all staff where they can learn, broaden and develop their knowledge and skills base, and increase their competencies.

Each year we develop our organisational training program, which outlines training for all our staff members. We also offer a wide range of courses responsive to the individual needs of our staff, which much of our training and development is nationally recognised.  We also offer a traineeship scheme.

Performance Management System

Aspire operates within a performance based framework and by offering regular supervision and appraisal, we can discuss career goals and provide support to ensure that they are being met.  Aspire’s performance framework gives staff the opportunity to:

  • Discuss their employment and career goals with their manager
  • Identify areas for further training and development
  • Apply internally for new employment opportunities as they arise

Career Paths

We are committed to assisting in the education and awareness of the many and varied career paths within our industry.  We have partnered with Wodonga TAFE and Charles Sturt University and seek their assistance in finding innovative ways of educating our staff at many levels.  We provide a number of definite career paths within Aspire and maintain close industry networks to assist in the development of furthering careers within the industry.

Positive Work Life Balance

Aspire recognises that people have commitments outside of work which may include things such as families, study, caring roles, and other arrangements.  In understanding these commitments and showing our own commitment to our staff, we offer a range of employment opportunities and conditions such as:

  • Full Time work
  • Permanent Part time work
  • Casual work
  • Leave Provisions
  • A variety of shifts including smaller shifts and shifts at varying times

Salary Packaging Arrangements for Permanent Part Time and Full Time Staff

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are recognised by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as a Public Benevolent Institution and as such we are afforded concessional Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) treatment. This means that eligible employees are able to take advantage of salary packaging to receive up to an additional $15,900 of their salary tax-free.

A Professional Listening Ear

Sometimes in order to be able to maintain a good work life balance, we all need additional help to deal with problems at work and/or problems outside of work, which can affect our ability to perform well at our job.

Aspire’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all of our staff.  It is a free service that is aimed at assisting people to cope if they are feeling stressed or under too much pressure.  We believe  that if people are less stressed, they can be happier in their personal life and more productive in the workforce. Our program is a confidential service that allows staff to access professional advice to help cope with life’s difficult issues.

If you’re looking for a role where you do something different, very meaningful and worthwhile then get in touch, E