Your Rights and Responsibilities

Each month, Aspire Customer Information provides updates and information on different policies and procedures, and services that you need to know as an Aspire customer. This month we are focusing on your Rights and Responsibilities.

As a customer of Aspire, you have certain rights and responsibilities to ensure that all people are treated fairly.


  • To be treated with dignity and respect and in a manner that is sensitive to your social and cultural beliefs
  • To access a staff member of your own  gender
  • To have access to an independent advocate or support person and an interpreter, if required
  • To have your privacy and confidential information respected and protected
  • To decide who can see your information
  • To access any information about you that Aspire has recorded
  • To be protected and free from physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or financial abuse and exploitation
  • To have access to a responsive and fair complaints process and to provide feedback in confidence
  • To choose who else (other than an Aspire support worker) you want to have involved in your support, as long as your choice poses no risk to yourself or others
  • To have an individual support plan which documents your relevant history, assessment, support needs, progress towards goals and other outcomes
  • To be involved in every facet of the development of your individual support plan, including exit from Aspire
  • To decline any support, as long as your choice poses no risk to yourself or others


As well as the rights listed above, as a customer of Aspire, you also have certain responsibilities. These responsibilities are:

  • To respect the rights and needs of others at Aspire
  • To respect the rights of staff at Aspire
  • To provide all information that may assist Aspire to identify and access the support you require
  • Provide Aspire with a copy of your goals as detailed in your NDIS plan
  • Agree to comply with Aspire’s cancellation policy
  • To co-operate with Aspire assessment, review and support processes
  • To attend and be punctual for pre-arranged appointments and  programs
  • To act in a lawful manner whilst using Aspire programs, activities and supports
  • Let Aspire know immediately if the customer’s NDIS plan is suspended or replaced by a new NDIS plan, or a customer stops being a customer in the NDIS

If, at any time, you have questions about the services Aspire offers, or your Rights and Responsibilities, please feel free to contact our friendly Customer Service Team, email, or phone 02 6058 4000.

Updated 1 April 2019