Do you need some respite?

Caring for someone can be a rewarding experience and, at the same time, can be stressful and leave you feeling tired. As a carer taking regular breaks is important as it can help relieve stress for both you and the person you are caring for.Previously, these breaks were referred to as respite care, however, with the introduction of the NDIS, respite care is now known as short-term accommodation.

Short-term accommodation provides you with a break from caring to give you time to do everyday activities or simply look after yourself.

Carers often worry about leaving the person they care for, and this is understandable. However, regular breaks can be important for you as a carer and those breaks need only be for a short period of time.

Planning your short-term accommodation

Planning a break in advance can help avoid stress build-up. If you would like a regular service, for example monthly, this can be arranged. Ad-hoc bookings are also welcome and will be managed wherever possible.

What type of short-term accommodation is available?

Aspire offers short-term accommodation services for both children and adults.

Short-term accommodation houses provide families and unpaid carers of a person or persons with a disability with planned, short-term time-limited breaks from their usual caring role.  Our houses aim to provide a positive experience for the person with a disability, while their carer has a break.

The Aspire short-term accommodation houses are comfortable, well maintained and well resourced and offer specialised equipment and are located close to transport and other local services.

The children’s and adult houses are bright, modern, well equipped five bedroom homes. Aspire has professional, skilled staff who specialise in ensuring that the short terms breaks provide positive experiences for all.

Why are breaks important?

Taking a break and having some time to yourself can benefit both you and the person you care for.

There are many reasons you should consider taking a break:

  • you are feeling stressed, tired or burnt out
  • you need some time for yourself
  • you are ill
  • you need to attend an appointment or event
  • there is tension between you and the person you care for

Taking a break can often be difficult at first, especially if you are the main carer. However, it is really important to have a break and to ask for help.

Trying to reduce stress is important. If you are feeling stressed, try taking a break so you can have some time to relax.

Aspire currently has short-term accommodation available at both the children’s house and the adult house.

If you would like to be sent a calendar to submit your short-term accommodation for the next quarter or would like to discuss your short-term accommodation options, please contact our Customer Service Team.

T 02 6058 4000     E

For further information regarding Aspire Short-term Accommodation services follow the links below.

Children’s Short-term Accommodation (Respite) House
Adult Short-term Accommodation (Respite) House

If you have any questions about your NDIS plan and short-term accommodation or require further information feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.