Employment opportunities with the NDIS

Did you know that it is estimated that the NDIS will generate 88,400 employment opportunities by 2020*?

What does this mean for our community?

The national unemployment rate is currently sitting at 5.5%, which equates to approximately 716,000 unemployed persons in Australia. Unemployment amongst the younger population is far higher at 11.2% nationally**.

A reduction in unemployment means an increase in economic activity. And that means everyone benefits and more employment opportunities are created. Additionally, there is strong evidence that reducing unemployment reduces inequality, and that it also improves social effects on our communities.

What type of employment is available in the disability sector?

The Disability sector is going through exciting change. From direct support to behind the scenes roles, people in the disability sector work together to ensure that customers and clients can achieve their goals and aspirations.

We are one of the fastest growing sectors which means more job opportunities than ever before!

There are many roles available from entry level to professional and corporate, with plenty of opportunities to train and grow in your career.

If you’re looking for a role that is purpose driven, offers more flexibility and is better aligned to your personal and professional values, then the Disability sector is for you.

The sector is diverse, but the common entry points if you’re just starting out are:

More specifically, some examples of different roles within these entry points include:

Frontline support

  • Direct Support Workers
  • Direct Support Team Leaders
  • Program Assistants
  • Support Coordinators
  • Residential Care Workers

Frontline professional

  • Speech Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Teachers
  • Psychologists
  • Behaviour Practitioners

Administration, Corporate and Management

  • Human Resources
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Administration

What is Aspire doing?

At Aspire, we recruit on people’s attitude.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being part of the Aspire team is the potential to use your skills and passions to build meaningful relationships with people who contribute as much to your life as you do to theirs.

Whatever your role with Aspire, your work has an impact and there are many rewards and benefits to supporting people with disability, some of which you may never have considered.

If you want to work in the disability sector

The disability sector offers not just paid employment, but a range of different employment options depending on your interests.

As a purpose-driven, diverse and often flexible industry, the disability sector has the potential to tick all these boxes for job seekers.

If you:

  • have a great attitude
  • are fun to be around
  • have a great personality
  • you really want to support people with a disability

then working in the disability sector may be for you.

And if you’re not sure if a career in the support sector is right for you, or what type of support sector career you are suited to, you can find out some career options by completing the Carer Careers Quiz.

If you’re looking for a role where you do something different, very meaningful and worthwhile, then get in touch, E human.resource@aspiress.com.au.


* Source: NDIS Integrated Market, Sector and Workforce Strategy
** Source: Labour Force Australia, ABS, Sept 2017