Grievances, Complaints and Disputes

Our Grievances, Complaints and Disputes Policy and Procedures states the following:

Aspire believes that anyone has the right to lodge a grievance/complaint, without fear of retribution, if they are unhappy with the service or treatment they receive from us.   Aspire strives to provide a confidential, effective and timely means of dealing with grievances, complaints and disputes.  Aspire also acknowledges the right of staff and service users to seek external support and/or intervention in the resolution of grievances or complaints if necessary.


No action will be taken without the prior knowledge and consent of the person lodging the grievance complaint, unless disciplinary procedures, criminal action or notification of abuse is involved.

Grievances/complaints will be handled confidentially.


  • The person making the grievance/complaint should fill out a Grievance/Complaints Form (If assistance is needed, ask the Manager, or independent representative)
  • Give the Grievance/Complaint Report form to the Manager
  • If the grievance/complaint involves the Manager then it should be given the to the Chief Executive Officer


  • Grievance /Complaints will be followed up within three working days of receipt and, under normal circumstances, resolved within a maximum of four weeks of receiving a Grievance/Complaint Report form
  • Managers are responsible for investigating and resolving of grievance/complaints in the first instance
  • The person delegated the responsibility of dealing with grievances should ensure that any special needs of the people involved are met e.g. interpreter
  • People involved will be advised of their right to have an advocate (of their choice) present during the investigation and resolution process
  • Written records must be maintained during the investigation and resolution process, detailing all action undertaken to resolve the grievance/complaint and the outcome of the procedure
  • In the event of the matter remaining unresolved, or any of the people involved feeling that the process was unfair, or the outcome unjust, the matter will be referred to the Chief Executive Officer
  • Should the grievance remain unresolved an independent mediator may be appointed

For a copy of our full Grievances, Complaints and Disputes Policy and Procedures document, please contact Aspire.


If you have a complaint that has not been able to be resolved through Aspires internal complaint process you can refer the complaint to: