Volunteer with Aspire

Aspire provides many opportunities for volunteers to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience or skills, which in turn can lead to employment with Aspire or another organisation. It can also be an opportunity to put your well-developed skills and talents toward helping others.

If you would like the chance to meet new people and experience new challenges, then volunteering may be a good option for you.

Volunteers are valued members of the Aspire workplace, so we strive to ensure your personal development and work satisfaction needs are met.

Volunteering with Aspire is a fun and inspiring experience and there is a great deal you can achieve through your role.



Volunteer as a Support Group Facilitator

Support Groups offer an opportunity for individual family members to connect with others who are experiencing a similar situation. Volunteer roles are available to facilitate and coordinate the support group activities.

Volunteer for our Peer Support Program

The Peer Support program provides an opportunity for young people with disabilities to participate and socialise with their peers in a friendly, supported and inclusive environment.

Volunteers provide one on one support to young people with higher needs so they can participate fully in activities and have fun with their peers.

Volunteer for Aspire Customer Social Events

Various volunteer roles are available at the many activities and social events which Aspire runs for our service users throughout the year.

Volunteer in the Aspire Op Shop

Our Op Shop needs volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, some ways you can help include:

  • Customer service and sales
  • Placing items on display
  • Sorting clothes, accessories, toys, etc
  • Assisting with tagging and pricing of goods
  • Housekeeping

To read more about the Aspire Op Shop click here

Volunteer Options

You have the option of volunteering in all areas of Aspire. Ask us about some of the many ways you can volunteer. Contact Vickie Goggin, Human Resource Officer, T 02 6058 4000, E vickie.goggin@aspiress.com.au.