Privacy and Confidentiality

Our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and Procedures states the following:


Aspire is committed to ensuring the best service of the highest quality to its clients.  Part of this commitment includes recognition by the Service, and all employed by the Service, of their legal and ethical responsibilities.

In Particular, Aspire is committed to respecting the right to privacy and confidentiality of all its clients. We place the highest value on the reputation and dignity of our clients, and we are dedicated to the protection of their relationships and the maintenance of their trust.



Staff will have access to personal information only as needed to provide a quality service. When accessing personal information staff are to only:

  • Collect only what they need
  • Make sure information is accurate
  • Keep information safe

Clients have a right to access their records, unless it would pose a serious threat to life or health or is an unnecessary invasion of someone else’s privacy.   Access can also be denied if it would breach legal privilege, prejudice criminal, disciplinary or tax investigations, or be unlawful.



Staff may use information they have received from or about a client to ensure the best possible care.   In all cases, staff should first seek the client’s consent.  The only times consent is not needed are where:

  • Passing on information will prevent serious and imminent harm
  • Mandatory notification law applies
  • A serious crime is involved
  • There is a search warrant or court subpoena.

 Staff are not to disclose information without consent, without first speaking to either the Chief Executive Officer, the relevant Manager or the On Call Officer.



Privacy doesn’t only apply to information.   Clients expect sound privacy and visual privacy.   Clients are entitled to and need private space and they should have somewhere secure to keep their belongings.

Clients should be able to discuss personal issues and talk on the telephone with reasonable sound  privacy. 


For a copy of our full Privacy and Confidentiality  Policy and Procedures document, please contact Aspire.