Children’s House

childrens_respite_house_front   childrens_respite_house_outside


  • Five beds (two of which are hi/low electric beds)
  • Wheelchair access
  • Two bathrooms
  • Two living areas
  • Electric hoist to assist with manual handling needs
  • Spacious backyard with undercover play area
  • Wheelchair bus


Can you visit the Children’s House?

Yes, you and the person you care for are encouraged to visit before the initial stay. Please phone for an appointment prior to visiting.


When is the Children’s House open?

The Children’s House is open seven days per week, including weekends, school and public holidays.  Unless special circumstances apply, staff are not rostered on between the hours of 9.00am to 3.00pm weekdays.


Transport and School

An accessible vehicle is located at the house to transport children during their stay.  However, transport to normal school programs need to be organised by the child’s carer.  Aspire can assist carers to arrange transport to school via community managed transport, taxi’s or public transport.  


For information on the Adult House, please click here.