Support Coordination

According to the NDIS, Support Coordination is “a capacity building support to implement all supports in a participant’s plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports”.

The NDIA will make a decision if you need Support Coordination. They will also decide what level of Support Coordination you might need. The NDIA are likely to approve Support Coordination if you:

  • Have circumstances that make it difficult to participate as much as you would like in meetings, and in making sense of information.
  • Are lacking confidence at this stage in your life and need support to connect you with your community.
  • Need support to make informed decisions, especially in a crisis.

This means that Support Coordination can help you to implement your plan, and find services and supports in your region.

What We Can Do

Aspire’s Support Coordinators will work with you to:

  • Assist you to understand and get the best out of your NDIA package and plan by providing you with information, support and advice when you need to make decisions
  • Choose preferred options or providers
  • Arrange assessments
  • Work out your budget
  • Talk with the plan manager to allocate funds
  • Work with you and assist you in becoming more confident in talking to and working with services such as Health, Education, Housing and other services that anyone in the community can use.
  • Resolve problems or issues
  • Understand service agreements
  • Change or end a service agreement
  • Check in with you to make sure you are getting the most out of each service. And if not, support you to talk with the service or make a different choice
  • Help you to get ready for a plan review
  • Provide information to the NDIA that shows we are doing our job to assist you in reaching your goals.

What We Cannot Do

To make sure that Support Coordinators are only helping you get the services and supports that you need, there are some things that the NDIA has said that Support Coordinators can’t do.  These include:

  • Transport
  • Plan administration
  • Plan management
  • Rostering of services
  • Advocacy
  • Providing direct support

For further information please contact your Aspire Customer Service team.

Email: Phone 0260584000