Support Groups


Support Groups are held regularly in response to demand by families. They offer an opportunity for individual family members to connect with others who are experiencing a similar situation.   Parents of a child with a disability may feel alone, isolated and possibly want to meet others who are going through the same experience.  Being part of a support group can help provide real understanding and support, along with practical advice and strategies.


  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and/or Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Autism/Asperger’s Family Network Group
  • Carers Victoria NDIS Support Group
  • Caring Grandparents Network
  • Dads Group
  • Down Syndrome Family Network Group
  • Family Network Group
  • Home Schooling Family Network Group
  • Healthy Mothers Healthy Families Support Group
  • Solo Parent All-ability Support Group

Aspire encourages the development of new groups when a need arises. There is a potential for a range of groups that may be appropriate at different points in a carer’s life:

  • A group could be formed when first discovering that your child has a disability, or when experiencing challenging times.
  • A coffee/morning tea group to gain ongoing support from other carers.
  • A luncheon group with a speaker who will present information on topics of interest to many families.
  • A group that takes on an advocacy role for others in a similar situation.

These groups can be facilitated by Aspire, however, we can work in partnership with individuals to address different needs.