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The Ripple

The Ripple

The Ripple is your newsletter. It is currently a monthly newsletter that aims to provide you with relevant and timely information.

We hope you find The Ripple of value and would appreciate any feedback on this format of keeping you updated.

Edition 26 PDF 1727KB

Edition 25 PDF 2487KB

Edition 24 PDF 2048KB

Edition 23 PDF 2472KB

Edition 22 PDF 2345KB

Edition 21 PDF 2226KB

Edition 20 PDF 3658KB

Edition 19 PDF 2941KB

Edition 18 PDF 2952KB

Edition 17 PDF 3234KB

Edition 16 PDF 2376KB

Edition 15 PDF 2962KB

Edition 14 PDF 3526KB

Edition 13 PDF 2575KB

Edition 12 PDF 1063KB

Edition 11 PDF 2433KB

Edition 10 PDF 2712KB

Edition 9 PDF 1288KB

Edition 8 PDF 2589KB

Edition 7 PDF 2180KB

Edition 6 PDF 2522KB

Edition 5 PDF 1775KB

Edition 4 PDF 2441KB

Edition 3 PDF 247KB

Edition 2 PDF 366KB

Edition 1 PDF 2612KB


May 2017 – Customer Update  PDF 986KB

February 2017 – Customer Update PDF 1761KB


Event newsletter

events banner

For more detail regarding Aspire activities and events, please go to our Calendar

The event newsletter has been incorporated into The Ripple from January 2018. Please access The Ripple downloads or our Calendar for ongoing events.

December 2017 – Event Newsletter

November 2017 – Event Newsletter

October 2017 – Event Newsletter

September 2017 – Event Newsletter

August 2017 – Event Newsletter

July 2017 – Event Newsletter

May 2017 – Newsletter 

April 2017 – Event Newsletter 

March 2017 – Event Newsletter 

February 2017 – Event Newslette

December 2016 – Newsletter 

September 2016 – Newsletter