How to get ready for your NDIS pre-planning meeting

Preparing for your first NDIS planning meeting

One of the most common queries we get at Aspire is about your first NDIS pre-planning meeting – understanding what happens at the meeting and what you need to do to prepare for it.

The NDIS pre-planning meeting can cause a mixture of happiness, fear, excitement, and nervousness. Your experience of NDIS planning can really vary depending on the pre-planning support you receive.

The NDIS requires you and your families to think about disability supports in a whole new way. Good pre-planning is crucial to getting you the best possible outcome. Without appropriate support, the NDIS can be overwhelming and confusing.

How can you pre-plan to get the most out of your NDIS experience?

The questionnaire used in NDIS Planning meetings asks you a series of questions about how your disability affects your life.

The NDIS provides a checklist to help you get ready for your planning conversation.

In a nutshell, this checklist covers:

  • What support you currently receive
  • How you manage everyday activities
  • Areas of your life where you may feel unsafe
  • Your goals – for the next twelve months and your long-term goals
  • How you want to manage your plan

So, you will need to consider your whole life.

Think about things like:

  • What types of support do you need in your daily life?
    • At home
    • In the community
    • At work
  • Do you need any equipment or aids, for example, mobility, communication or continence aids?
  • Do you need assistance with transport or vehicle modifications?
  • Do you need any housing or housing modifications?
  • Do you need any allied health services, for example, an occupational health therapist or speech therapist?

Think about any informal supports you may have. Who are the important people are in your life and how do they support you? This is where you might highlight any safety concerns.

Your Goals

The really important thing to think about is your goals.

Think about:

  • Who you want to provide Support Coordination for your plan?
  • What do you want to do with your life?
  • What are your dreams, interests or things you love doing?
  • What currently works well with your supports? And what doesn’t?

These booklets are designed to help you gather all the information you need in one spot.


NDIS Planning workbook - children and young people


NDIS Planning workbook - adult

NDIS Planning Workbook – Children & Young People NDIS Planning Workbook – Adult

Attending the meeting

If you feel you need assistance at your pre-planning meeting, a Customer Service Team member will be available to attend your meeting with you.

At the meeting, the NDIA Pre-Planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) will ask you a series of questions to understand how much support you may need over the life of your plan.

This means you need to have the information with you, be able to discuss it, and have evidence.

When you attend your pre-planning meeting you will need.

  • your completed booklet (refer above)
  • evidence of additional support, for example, speech therapist reports, physiotherapy reports
  • supporting letters from health professionals, for example, psychologists or behaviour specialists
  • how you want your funds managed. This could be:
    • self-managing your plan finances
    • using a Plan Manager
    • have the NDIA manage your plan finances

We recommend that you understand and decide your options prior to the pre-planning meeting.

How Aspire helps

Understanding the NDIS for your family member can be a challenging process. Across the country families, organisations, the government, and the community are taking this journey and all learning the new processes involved.

At Aspire we are aiming to support our customers to take this journey as informed and supported as possible. We know that not all NDIS outcomes are suitable at the beginning and that for some customers it takes time to get this right and meeting family members needs.

We have been able to bring a range of speakers on the NDIS to Albury/Wodonga over the past two years and have an increasing amount of support material available to assist you in your journey.

For some families, we are seeing difficulty having family members accepted into the scheme and have information available to assist health professionals who are writing supporting reports and letters to better understand what is required.

The Customer Service Team staff members are available to meet with you and assist you in preparing for your NDIS pre-planning meeting and are also available to support you in your meeting if required.

Contact your Customer Service Team, T 02 6058 4000 E

After your pre-planning meeting

After the meeting, the Planner will take the information supplied and forward to the NDIS to develop the plan based on what you discussed in the meeting.

That’s why it important to make sure you provide as much written evidence as possible. It is just as important that this evidence is easy to understand and clearly shows what supports you need.

Generally, you will receive a paper copy of your plan in the mail. You should also an activation code to link your myGov to the NDIS Portal.

It is important that you check that your plan has the things discussed in your meeting.

If you are unhappy with your plan, you can request a review within 3 months. Refer here for our previous article for more information on what to do if you are unhappy with your NDIS Plan.